The Audiophile Youngster Magnet (trying to be)


Welcome all! As a person with many interest, I’m still a bit confused in what I want to do in life, but enthusiastic about what I like, and that is speakers (and others including headphones)! You may have noticed the picture of the Auralic Polaris in the background with the title. It’s one of the projects(named as such but is more like reviews) you can read about in the projects tap above or below. I’m mostly active with my blog, so please check that out for opinions, random (possibly helpful) topics, and updates on the site! I post a review when I have the opportunity, so check out some of the reviews that I have below, or you can see them in tab above under reviews. Constructive criticism is appreciated, so please correct me if I am wrong *wink*. Well here it is, HIFI Sound Enthusiast!