Welcome all! As a person with many interest, sometimes I am confused in what I want to do in life, but enthusiastic about what I like, and that is audio products (and others but this is going to be the main topic on this site)! Yes, that makes me an audiophile, and I’m grateful I have the opportunity to be so. I post mainly in the blogs sections, but whenever I can get my hands on something, I’m reviewing them! I do separate my blogs from my reviews, which you can find in their respectively names pages to your right. My blogs are mostly updates or topics I think make for an interesting read, or educational in the sense that I try to get non-audiophiles to read and make it interesting and easy for them to understand. My reviews are, well, reviews that I do to the best of my ability. A recurring theme you might find is about my dad, who actual does reviews for an online magazine, of which you’ll need to dig into my posts to find out which one. I am currently a college student studying Mechanical Engineering, located in the U.S. of A, and as such I will post sporadically, but rest assured I will give you only my best. Constructive criticism is appreciated, so please correct me if I am wrong ;). I’ll also be anonymous until you want to know who I am. Without further ado, here it is, HIFI Sound Enthusiast!

If you’re wondering what that picture is above, it is a picture of Von Schweikert’s exhibit, of which they collaborated with VAC to power the speakers in that picture, during the Florida Audio Expo of Spring 2019 that I personally took. If you want to know about my current set-up, you can know more about it in my set-up page.

*please excuse the dust as I reconstruct this page*